Merry Christmas

2:13 in the Gospel of Luke:  …vast heavenly army appeared…

A bit further in 2:32 records Simeon’s prophecy declaring some obscenely harsh things: …a light, for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel

Simeon also addresses Mary directly and asks her to listen carefully.  2:34 This child is destined to be the cause of the falling and rising of many in Israel and to be a sign that will be rejected.  Indeed as a result of him the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed-and a sword will pierce your own soul as well.

It is one thing to marvel at being impregnated by the power of God Almighty, but quite another to be told that the life God went to the trouble to historically place in your womb without any sex involved, is going to be rejected…not to mention that the pain surrounding his life is going to be intense for the world.  Wait there is more.  Your soul is going to be pierced with pain…you the one who was “chosen” to bring this revelation forth for humanity. 

Ha, those are words that could slam a new mother right into postpartum depression for sure!

I long to know what Mary’s thoughts were, what her verbalizations were, even if only between her and God.  I can not help but wonder what it was that God granted her in the way of spiritual gifts that could sustain such a calling. 

Mary thank you for your obedience…for the encouragement your faithful following of God infuses to me some 2000 plus years later.  I have been awake since 3:30 am thinking about you and your life and your mothering and your walk.  You inspire me to pray for my adult children, begging our King for their lives to encounter the ongoing conviction of your swaddled, soul piercing. sword of truth. revelation of God.



5 months of pre-matrimony preparations…

Shan picked and I vased flowers for the shower
It has been a week and a half post Harty wedding day which is long enough for one to ponder how to post about it. Yet…I Have no idea how I want this post to go. I should start by saying that the actual day is a blur, if you have been the MOB you know this to be true. Or should I start by declaring that the process of up to the wedding day feels like it will be seared in my memory forever. Yeah right…this from a woman who cannot remember where she left her eye glasses.
Mrs Jandt helping with wedding favors
I can share a few here and now if you like:
I developed a love for extra sticky post-it notes

A love/hate relationship with Pinterest
P1060067A keen awareness that my inner child still has some growing up to do
The understanding that tea dying little muslin bags should not be followed by ironing them dry – the acid in the tea destroys the Teflon coating on the iron
Annoyance for our modern day social aversion to RSVPing


Vendors:  Monica’s Waterfront Bakery and The Cutting Garden

Lots more gray hairs thanks to -- administration/lists/delegation/hiring vendors/thinking through zillions of worst case scenarios. For example. if the wind gusts how shall we keep the table cloths on the tables?

I also developed a LOVE for the sweet memories of having something every single day for 5 months to converse about with both my daughters. I do not think there has been anything in my parenting process that has offered such a long stretch of united conversation time. Of course there were days that we all felt tired of thinking and planning towards the wedding for sure.  I will say though, of all the difficult things about planning one of the happiest events of our family’s history, the concentrated focus resulted in loads of pricelss memories!
Wedding day photos are yet to come – I am so excited to see how they turn out.

Before I publish this post I want to thank all of you who pitched in with encouragement and plain hard work, not to mention your patience as you watched me be constantly sucked away into the vortex of “I have so much to do today” --You’re the best!
P1060033  Tink~


44 days to go~

Hello…it has been since June and wow—that seems impossible!
Brief update:  June and July were a hub of activity including--
I attended my 12th Leavenworth quilting retreat with bff
We had our son-in-law to be’s family for dinner for the first time
We had a young family in transition, whom we dearly love, move in with us for the month
My besty, Shelleice, from Utah and her hubby paid us a weekend visit on their way to Canada ala Harley style
I spent 2 weeks hobbling with a back set-back that prevented us from traveling to our planned family vacation destination, big bummer!
We hosted 6 visitors from China for 2.5 weeks
I started two wedding quilts and finished one
Two of my small group members tied the knot with each other
My bff, Daisy Days turned FIFTY…we Yas planned a fun day of surprises to commemorate the day (video to come)
Two of my friends gave birth to beautiful babies -- one of which I threw a baby shower for, the other I helped out during her home-birth (I just fed her children and filled her birthing pool and prayed her hubby would arrive before pushing…prayer answered)
And…lastly (you thought I would never stop huh?), we unveiled my circa-Princess-Diana wedding dress from it’s pristine box. It was a special evening indeed!!!!


Another Milestone


2011 holds many super exciting milestones for me personally:  I turn 50, two of my best friends turn 50, my dd is getting married, I gave my dog away and who knows what milestones will be a surprise before the year is out?

A few weeks back Daisy Days and I celebrated a cultural milestone together…we watched Oprah’s final episode. 

We enjoyed a goodbye European kiss of respect to both cheeks of Miss Oprah.  We have grown up with her  and respect her heart for people and her passion to make a difference in the world. 

Oprah we will miss you!!!




Normally we would have tank tops…

and shorts, or better yet sundresses on!  However, summer in the Northwest has decided to hide her face to us so far this year.  Vonney decided that a blue cocktail would be our substitute for sunshine – Yum!



Her house matches our drinks…her retro decorating is so much fun to photograph. 

I decided we need a porch shot, sweaters and all…aren’t we adorable?




This meal had to be in my post…it was tasty and so beautiful!


      Happy Summer where ever this post finds you~



Announcement Announcement Announcement

With great joy and excite- tummy-feelings, I am proud to let the blog world know that my husband will be giving our dd’s hand in marriage to quite a delightful catch of a man!

Did I really just post that I am going to be a MOB? 


Palm Sunday

Been pondering here deep in my lazy-boy for several hours.  I set myself to go image surfing on the topic of what is called “Jesus Triumphal Entry”.  While scrolling around this thought occurred to me-- Why not search  for other images based on recorded scriptures from this historical day?

I hunted for images related to what happened after Jesus came into town that day -  something very unusual is recorded. 

Not the fact that Jesus presence in the city created a public ruckus, that was normal behavior for the crowds around him.  Not that he performed miracles of healing, that was normal behavior for him.  Not that he taught at the temple, that was normal as well.

My pleasurable art hunt resulted depictions of my LORD with a self-made whip of cords driving out the opportunists set up to make a buck, and perhaps even a name for themselves during holy Passover.

Meanwhile my thoughts were pondering: Is it practical thinking that motivates man to tack on “special activities” to what God commands of them, like selling a vat of figs to those who will need to eat for crying out loud?  Or is it more likely self-serving-idolatrous thinking  motivating man to minimize what God views as maximum?

I have recently experienced this Jesus who held a whip with rage in his voice, and in his hand.  I was invited to glimpse his view during such a compassionate rage.  How can rage be compassionate?  Could it be His compassion is for God the Father, His holy rage against replicas man, with ease and justificational thinking, worships. 

During praise and worship time this morning at church I was engulfed with inability to sit--only standing with my hands lifted high felt minuscule-ly appropriate in His presence.  In contrast; I have never, ever, ever, ever felt compulsion, to stand with hands lifted high in honor of my check book or various other facsimiles that my naturally-black-heart has worshiped. 

As for this whip and holy rage - my life has experienced and is settled on the truth that Hebrews 12:11 speaks into my ears concerning discipline given to me by the hand of my God --

12:11 Now all discipline seems painful at the time, not joyful.  But later it produces the fruit of peace and righteousness for those trained by it. 12:12 Therefore, strengthen  your listless hands and your weak knees, 12:13 and make straight paths for your feet, 18 so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but be healed.  (New English Translation at net.bible.org)

Full of joy via mercy of a holy whip wielder, and giddy for the commemorative days this week holds for my heart,



Miss Sami Goes to Omak Saturday

dsc01168 (2)
This 6 month old precious puppy saved my heart.  She became part of my life in Feb 2006 thanks to a mid-life crisis of sorts.  Miss Lil Black Sami, with her princess/city-dog personality became my daily routine.  We walked together daily…she softened my hurts and soothed my aching soul.  I have written about her so many times here on Boundaround.  I have documented her four litters and snapped photos of her adorableness. 
It feels strange to type out loud, but tomorrow may be my last full day of joy with her.  Saturday she will move to Omak (the dry side of this beautiful state) and hopefully fall in love with a new family. The plan is a trial—everyone needs to be happy or we will abort the plan.
This good ole girl was an amazing mom with all her litters. The first thee were gone by 6 weeks old, however we chose to keep a pup from her 4th litter -- Miss Millie.
I have found managing two dogs to be more work than I had anticipated.  In addition, I can tell she misses the days of being the only child. Therefore, I decided I would try to adopt Sami out to a family that does not have other dogs and see if she could find a new true love. 
This may be a crazy idea and miserable all around, but I am praying that a sweet family is gifted with the doggie of their dreams. This is for sure - I shall keep you updated!


Then I read the word “Beware”

In the parking lot of church today I was smacked in the face (not literally) with what has become a reoccurring frustration of mine.  Ok… “frustration” is not the word I mean…reoccurring blood-boiling is more like it. 

My blood boils in the effort to protect, to guard and to keep at bay those whom, for what ever reason, seem to consistently stir up trouble and division. 

I know that I am powerless to do such a thing but my heart beats with passion for healthy relationships, personal as well as body-of-Christ relationships. 

In the heat of my blood-boiling I decided to go do some research.  I’ll show them…reason number one.  I’ll find a tool that will help train – say a book or an article to “share” that could so perfectly apply to the person situation…reason number two.  

So I clicked on over to the Peacemaker web site.  I love the resources of their ministry!  There were some new resources and some links to blogs—oh how I love blogs

As I was clicking away on the blog links I found one of them to be quite humorous.   You see as I was reading it I heard God speak to my heart a shepherding tone--

“ Rhonda, remember that this Peacemaker ministry is needed because conflict always exists, which is not the same as it being needed in order to prevent conflict from existing.” 

Humbled, I again, face my flawed thinking that longs for perfection here on earth.  So I whisper a prayer…..

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.
--Reinhold Niebuhr

Praying also that I learn more and more how to be part of solutions rather than part of an illusions.



Binding is all that is left


This may be the fastest quilt project yet for me. The time line pressure of making a sample for the shop is very motivating.   I started this quilt the first week of Feb and have only a few more inches on the binding.  No…I did not quilt it.  Smile  Wanda Rains of Rainy Day Quilts used her long arm to produce an adorable clam shell.  I have always wanted a quilt with this pattern quilted on it!!! 

If you happen to like this sweet quilt I am happy to let you know that it is available as a block of the month in two color ways, by Moda here



You are not seeing things in the first shot…I do indeed use my design wall in layers lol.    These shots are pre-border and are minus the adorable quilting, but if you come by the shop you can see it hanging.  I am tickled with it!

Praying creativity abounds for you today~



I Got a Big-God-Hug of Miss Beth Moore on Friday


Majestic splendor

emanates from


HE is the source of strength and joy

1 Chronicles 16: 27



Can you see her?

That little light of joy is fiery-powerful and fun to learn from!

Sweet Miss Beth looks soooooo tiny in context of the Tacoma Dome. 

I was blessed with a free ticket – thank you so much Living Proof Ministry…you RAWK! 

Thank you God for that great big hug!!!!

Love, Tink


4 road trips inside of 36 days

It all started on Jan 28th and ended March 5th

I shared my post about the Ya Ya beach trip a few posts ago – that yearly trip is always one of the highlights of my year. 
The weekend prior to that trip I accompanied Fairborn Guy to a work conference.
  My friend  at Katney’s Kaboodle drove into town to play quilt shop tour guide for me.  We enjoyed a great lunch at a local Indian cuisine spot…that mango slushy was a tasty delight.

The weekend after my Ya Ya trip I organized a small goodbye  reception at our church for our outgoing Youth Pastor and his family. 
 Saying goodbye is always easier when there is    pie  involved. 
The sweet family we were honoring have been like family to us for the past five years.  We are very happy for the congregation who has hired them but will feel the gaping hole they leave for quite a while. 

The following weekend was our Youth Ministry’s three day winter retreat.  Fairborn Guy and I enjoyed serving again this year.
 I mastered using the massive can opener!


These women inspire me…being Pastor’s wives requires large shoulders to carry the weight of all that their families combat, and immense hearts of grace. In addition they have to grow very tough skin !!

This past weekend our new Youth Pastor and his wife took a team of us to the Youth Pastor’s Leadership conference called Summit.  Peanut and I were part of the team.  Though I got very little sleep my soul was infused with direction and tools to help support our new leaders. 
 I did not get too many photos but I was thrilled to grab a shot of our friend Wilson as he was praising God as one of the worship sessions was getting underway. 

Looking back I am wondering how in the world all this activity could have happened in such a short amount of time.  I am ready for a vacation…these successive events squished inside of 36 days has me longing for a rest.  Anyone have a condo in Hawaii they would like to gift me for a week? 
Full and drenched in JOY,


Today was the silver anniversary of our local quilt guild's quilt show. Bff and I found ourselves inside a quilt, can you guess which one?

 Bff and I attended, it has been a few years since we have had the pleasure of going.  This booth had tons of Hawian prints and patterns...ooooh how I want to jump a plane and plant my butt on a beach!
 This quilt was so much fun and inspired me to to think about swapping blocks again.  

 Piece of Cake patterns make my heart swoon.

 This quilt was my absolute FAVORITE...I am so in love with Kaffe Fasset fabrics right now...

 The smallest blocks in this quilt are 1.5 inches....ohhhhh my goodness!

James Harriot inspired quilts....how cool is this?

 Each block is machine quilted differently...soooooo much fun!

 (hint hint)

Bff is making this quilt...she has several block done...time to get this project on the front burner girlfriend. 
Love this little fabric collage 

The banner quilt for the theme this year...what a fantastic way to feature memories! 

 I want to make this quilt...the question is will I remember that I want to make it?
Barb Schultz who is a local quilt artist had a booth this year.  I just love her window quilt and her Geisha. She paints on fabric with fabric inks