44 days to go~

Hello…it has been since June and wow—that seems impossible!
Brief update:  June and July were a hub of activity including--
I attended my 12th Leavenworth quilting retreat with bff
We had our son-in-law to be’s family for dinner for the first time
We had a young family in transition, whom we dearly love, move in with us for the month
My besty, Shelleice, from Utah and her hubby paid us a weekend visit on their way to Canada ala Harley style
I spent 2 weeks hobbling with a back set-back that prevented us from traveling to our planned family vacation destination, big bummer!
We hosted 6 visitors from China for 2.5 weeks
I started two wedding quilts and finished one
Two of my small group members tied the knot with each other
My bff, Daisy Days turned FIFTY…we Yas planned a fun day of surprises to commemorate the day (video to come)
Two of my friends gave birth to beautiful babies -- one of which I threw a baby shower for, the other I helped out during her home-birth (I just fed her children and filled her birthing pool and prayed her hubby would arrive before pushing…prayer answered)
And…lastly (you thought I would never stop huh?), we unveiled my circa-Princess-Diana wedding dress from it’s pristine box. It was a special evening indeed!!!!


Cindy said...

Listing it makes it seem even busier than I thought! Take your own favorite advice - breathe! :)

Jenny said...

how fun that you pulled out your wedding dress! I tried on my mom's dress right before I got married too!

Melis said...

you make me tired just reading what you've done! Hugs...

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

Vonnie said...

Counting the days with you sweetie MOB. Almost fffinished now way to build memory.