Miss Sami Goes to Omak Saturday

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This 6 month old precious puppy saved my heart.  She became part of my life in Feb 2006 thanks to a mid-life crisis of sorts.  Miss Lil Black Sami, with her princess/city-dog personality became my daily routine.  We walked together daily…she softened my hurts and soothed my aching soul.  I have written about her so many times here on Boundaround.  I have documented her four litters and snapped photos of her adorableness. 
It feels strange to type out loud, but tomorrow may be my last full day of joy with her.  Saturday she will move to Omak (the dry side of this beautiful state) and hopefully fall in love with a new family. The plan is a trial—everyone needs to be happy or we will abort the plan.
This good ole girl was an amazing mom with all her litters. The first thee were gone by 6 weeks old, however we chose to keep a pup from her 4th litter -- Miss Millie.
I have found managing two dogs to be more work than I had anticipated.  In addition, I can tell she misses the days of being the only child. Therefore, I decided I would try to adopt Sami out to a family that does not have other dogs and see if she could find a new true love. 
This may be a crazy idea and miserable all around, but I am praying that a sweet family is gifted with the doggie of their dreams. This is for sure - I shall keep you updated!


froggy said...
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Storybook Woods said...

That will be hard to do but I iwll be praying for you xoxo Clarice