Today was the silver anniversary of our local quilt guild's quilt show. Bff and I found ourselves inside a quilt, can you guess which one?

 Bff and I attended, it has been a few years since we have had the pleasure of going.  This booth had tons of Hawian prints and patterns...ooooh how I want to jump a plane and plant my butt on a beach!
 This quilt was so much fun and inspired me to to think about swapping blocks again.  

 Piece of Cake patterns make my heart swoon.

 This quilt was my absolute FAVORITE...I am so in love with Kaffe Fasset fabrics right now...

 The smallest blocks in this quilt are 1.5 inches....ohhhhh my goodness!

James Harriot inspired quilts....how cool is this?

 Each block is machine quilted differently...soooooo much fun!

 (hint hint)

Bff is making this quilt...she has several block done...time to get this project on the front burner girlfriend. 
Love this little fabric collage 

The banner quilt for the theme this year...what a fantastic way to feature memories! 

 I want to make this quilt...the question is will I remember that I want to make it?
Barb Schultz who is a local quilt artist had a booth this year.  I just love her window quilt and her Geisha. She paints on fabric with fabric inks


Vonnie said...

Hmmm I seem to remember that there were a few things "fabric" missing from the hot tub memory of you two at the beach. hee hee.

Julie said...

Awesome quilt pics, thanks for sharing! I've been collecting some Kaffe fabrics, someday I will make something from them!

Sharon T in Lynden said...

thanks for sharing those photos Rhonda!! I have been so NOT in a quilting/sewing mood for quite a while. Heading to a retreat at a new spot at the end of March, so hopefully that will get my batteries recharged.
I miss your smiling presence....