The Valley of Banana Bread

My Maui Guide Book in hand, the Parents and I head out on a day trip over the north Hwy of Maui.  
Glorious cliffs basted by the pounding seas of the blue green Pacific astound us at every vantage point.  I am intrigued by one of the book's entires -- Julie's Banana bread...keep an eye out on the left as you enter a nestled local valley of Island dwellers. 
 Ahh...home made banana bread...mouth watering we keep an eye out. 
"Look...there it is, I see the sign"
We pull in...finding the proprietor bearing a welcoming smile. 
"Wait..but this is not Julie -- her name is Lorraine?"
Too late, just go with it, take a photo and begin chatting...always a good motto for me on vacations
 Miss Lorraine finds my friendliness an open door to show us around a bit.  Behind her "store front" we find her backyard view.  She grew up on this very plot of land...her grandparents settled here, they were
 Taro farmers.  Lorraine and her husband now grow bananas (btw did you know that bananas are an herb, not a fruit) and coconuts along with several other things.  

Below you see Guava growing-- can you see Lorraine's proud smile in this photo, on the left?
 As we climb up out of the valley with our two kinds of banana bread in hand we pass Julie's banana bread stand.  Lorraine told us she is not bothered if customers choose Julie's bread over hers.  I think to myself as I hug her goodbye..."would a simple life in Banana Bread Valley have harvested in my soul the peace that I witness upon Lorraine's soul in our brief transaction encounter?"  "What things does God provide for me to plant on my 'plot of land' that bring joy and tastiness to others?"  
 "Would my view at home somewhat equal this if only my eyes were adjusted to the Son at every moment?"
As a side note about the Taro that Lorraine's grandparents farmed:

The newer name for a traditional Hawaiian feast, luau, comes from the taro, or kalo in the Hawaiian language always served: young taro tops baked with coconut milk and chicken or octopus legs.

Aloha, Tink who is in Maui for the first time and on her first ever vacation with the Parents