5 months of pre-matrimony preparations…

Shan picked and I vased flowers for the shower
It has been a week and a half post Harty wedding day which is long enough for one to ponder how to post about it. Yet…I Have no idea how I want this post to go. I should start by saying that the actual day is a blur, if you have been the MOB you know this to be true. Or should I start by declaring that the process of up to the wedding day feels like it will be seared in my memory forever. Yeah right…this from a woman who cannot remember where she left her eye glasses.
Mrs Jandt helping with wedding favors
I can share a few here and now if you like:
I developed a love for extra sticky post-it notes

A love/hate relationship with Pinterest
P1060067A keen awareness that my inner child still has some growing up to do
The understanding that tea dying little muslin bags should not be followed by ironing them dry – the acid in the tea destroys the Teflon coating on the iron
Annoyance for our modern day social aversion to RSVPing


Vendors:  Monica’s Waterfront Bakery and The Cutting Garden

Lots more gray hairs thanks to -- administration/lists/delegation/hiring vendors/thinking through zillions of worst case scenarios. For example. if the wind gusts how shall we keep the table cloths on the tables?

I also developed a LOVE for the sweet memories of having something every single day for 5 months to converse about with both my daughters. I do not think there has been anything in my parenting process that has offered such a long stretch of united conversation time. Of course there were days that we all felt tired of thinking and planning towards the wedding for sure.  I will say though, of all the difficult things about planning one of the happiest events of our family’s history, the concentrated focus resulted in loads of pricelss memories!
Wedding day photos are yet to come – I am so excited to see how they turn out.

Before I publish this post I want to thank all of you who pitched in with encouragement and plain hard work, not to mention your patience as you watched me be constantly sucked away into the vortex of “I have so much to do today” --You’re the best!
P1060033  Tink~


Cindy said...

Fun to see pics of the things you did with Baylee & Shannon. You'll have to show me the rest.

Vonnie said...

You did it! Yea for MOBs memories and cake of course.