Happy Bday TO Me! 50 is the best bday evah!

A walk on the beach in the sunshine…
Lunch preparations…
IMG_0904Spirits…IMG_0905Presents…IMG_0906garnishes…IMG_0907an amazing view…IMG_0908more amazing view…IMG_0913beautiful projects…IMG_0914crowns….IMG_0927Snacks…IMG_0940hot tub at sunset…IMG_0946crab pot pie…IMG_0918readers…IMG_0919decorations
P1050328and the best 3 friends a girl could ever be given!!!!!   Thank you God for the half century of beauty, tragedy and joy – may Your name be famous in every moment of the second century phase that I have left here ~


It started with a sunrise…


This year was full of beauty bathed in newness --  I can scarce take in the sweet contrast off all that God granted full of “new”!!   Wonders never cease in a world created by a artist extraordinaire.   I did not accomplish much blogging in 2011, perhaps 2012 will afford me more moments to write and contemplate.  I am grateful, grateful, grateful for the gift of my Abba, my husband, my family and my friends who all work together to keep me sane and blessed. 

New things:  3 babies born, housemates, exchange students,throwing a wedding, son in-law, deaconess, household budget meetings, skype, San Diego, Speaking of new, I better get down to the beach for the 2012 first sunrise.  Mwah!


Missing photo memories due to broken camera:

November- Yvonne turns 50, Tim and I graduate from FPU.  Thanksgiving (John came).  Michael Viver moved to Canada

December- Tori got married.  Baby Peter MacClary born.  I turned 50!!! Christmas morning all the kids were here for wake up. Oregon trip on Christmas day, stayed at Jen and Matt’s.  New Years Eve with the Jandts and biblical pizza.