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I know...it has been a while and now this silly political post...how boring, right?
Sorry Dear Reader, but a braveheart has gotta do what she has gotta do. :)
Puppies are gone, my back has been out..thanks to the stinky- pooping-adorable puppies, however I am enjoying the last days of summer by hitting the Chiropractor and Massage Therapist a couple times a week. I am also very much enjoying my new job which will be an upcoming blog for certain.
So I leave you with a few questions that I found worth pondering and printing out for that town hall meeting I plan on limping to next week.
Happy End of Aug 09 all, may it's last bit of memories be full of summer joy and abundant harvests...both physical and spiritual.


Who says playpens are outdated?

Though we are having June in Aug and had Aug in June, Tuesday the sunshine came out for about an hour...this is how I celebrated it!!!!


Let The Weaning Begin

The least favorite of my six week puppy journey has arrived...it is time to begin the weaning process. No more sweet puppy smells of joy when snuggling with them.
They will now smell like smeared food and waste unless I bathe them.
I slept in till 10:15 this morning, I think it was an attempt to avoid the inevitable.
Eventually Fairborn Guy and I went to the store for instant Goat's Milk. When I arrived home I prepared the baby swimming pool outside for my feeding area and quickly peaked out the front door to see if Fairborn Guy wanted to watch the pups get their first taste of food. I was delighted to spy my sweet neighbor Junne walking by so I flagged her into the back yard to join me in the fun.
All 5 were ravenous
Had to snap a quick shot of me with my weaning witness before she continued on her walk.
Thanks for joining me Junne...you little shy thing you!


Ninja Assignments...Covert and So Much Fun!!!

Last night I went swimming at 10:30 PM, yes it is dark by then. We swam by the moonlight in the Puget Sound salt water!! That statement has nothing to do with this blog but it is however a fact.
I am now a Mermaid Princess because of it.
Today I had a different sort of activity to accomplish.
This assignment is on account of a special scrap book and a page it can not be missing!!!
To tell you this story will take a while...so sit and do not rush this...there are lots of photos.
I need more than a moment from you please. :)
First supplies:
I would need my Ya Ya Bracelet...very very important

A fairly nice dress
An accomplice

And documenting skills...LETS GO!

We have arrived at our destination
Oops...we need to pee
Next we must scout out our territory
Looking for the best place to not be discovered...this bush will be great for when they start, but too risky for now...lets move out

No...not here...too open...we could be seen
This is much to far away...with all this effort we need a better view

Lets make camp here
Great...it is like a tree cave...perfect cam mo

With a window view
Oh crap....they are killing time...someone is late...they keep moving dangerously close to camp...
shhhh here she is finally!!!
Well...maybe not...false alarm
Our window view rawks

Zoom ninja zoom....dang the flash went off, hope they did not see us

This is sooooo much fun...that's my bff...she has no idea.
more waiting
I thought they were going to kiss...shh everyone is getting into place and so should we.
My accomplice leaves base camp to get these shots...well this one is very horrible
But I love this one
I told her not to get the garbage can in the shot...darn

Don't mind the crocked shots...I have the camera now and am shaking from fear of getting caught
Okay...not it is time to move to the formerly scouted bush so we can hear what is going on...
good thing we scouted
This butt shot of bff is accomplished by me sticking my arm out from behind the bush...crocked is the best I can do folks
This is my other arm out from behind the bush...wonder if there is beer in that little blue cooler
I heart this one. And jsyk, from my hiding spot I can even hear the vows...
I love this assignment!
Not so likin with this one
I wish you could see her sweet tears of joy
Kilts are hawt even when seen on a gentleman from behind..just sayin
Now you may kiss the bride!!!
Yes there was hootin and hollerin from the "large" crowd...but I did not make a sound. Time to exit stage left...oh gee they are all headed this way...run!
Lets go get something to eat...like pie!
Super Ninja successful spies...that's us
Washed out but in the shot...this cafe is historic...it opened in 1955
Don't we look exhausted and hungry
Here's to you Mr and Mrs Daniel Jandt,
may your lives together be as sweet as this wonderful pie
~ Married Aug 1, 2009~