Six-hundred Pounds Put To Death

About 13 years or so ago I bought this piece at a second hand store for our television.
It is the heaviest piece of furniture on the planet...why we moved it from Port Orchard to Kingston 8 years ago is beyond my understanding, but we did.  

Today I decided to have some fun with this

Selling it on Craigslist was an option but it would require getting it down a hefty flight of stairs...I decided to save the world from more back injuries, Obama Care is broke already and I am a team player!  
It felt so good to destroy something!!!

I got tired quickly though...which lead to recruiting Fairborn Guy and his hand-dandy jigsaw.
He did not think it was fun to destroy something,
 but he played along.


Ya Ya for Vashon ~

The little island of Vashon was our destination of choice this month for "Yaya" day.
Our goal required nourishment...four friends feind-ish over fabulous fabric must fuel up.

I ordered first...breakfast for lunch - a must.  But wait!  All three of my darling diner divas ordered the BLT.
Excuse me sir, may I change my order please?  
I would like the BLT as well. 
Thank you so much.

Satisfied, we brave the long walk two doors down to the Island Quilter.
My first mission...polka-dots.  I have had a collection going for a few years now. 
 One day I shall have to blog my eventual creation

My next mission...fabric listening.  It is an art developed with time, training, trial and error.  
I was hoping to hear fabric say to me this one important word: 
These little gems were the voices my discerning ear tuned. 
 First one...then the other then the...you get the picture here.  
Next - what happens is quite amazing...they begin to sing together and make beautiful quilt music. 

And finally... k-ching k-ching...
do you take debt cards? 


Challenge to myself: Accomplished

I did it...I accomplished my little goal of journaling this "Stepping Up" study here in my blog

My work space...

This was my eighth Beth Moore bible study journey, if you have not had the pleasure I highly recommend her work.   Her gift of teaching has added tremendous substance to my walk with God.  My favorite thing about Miss Beth Moore is her love of learning...I learn well from learners, they inspire me!  

I will step back down the stairs of ascent I have climbed with my study group now, looking forward to uncovering what will be my next study journey.  I will not be recording it here, you will find me in my paper journal with my mechanical pencil scribbling away my heart's thoughts, ideas and questions with my Abba.  I have missed my journal ~


A United Family Of Man/United Family Of God & Bless the LORD/The LORD Bless You

These last two psalms,133 &134, conclude my "Stepping Up" journal-study of  the 15 Ascent Psalms

Psalm 133 speaks to unity in the body of Christ...the beautiful result of setting aside "rib" issues as opposed to "spine" issues with one another.   
Way back in 1978 I became keenly aware of all that Christ did to purchase my ransom from sin, however I had no idea how difficult it would be, at times, to get along with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.  My idealistic heart honestly believed that with Christ in common, we would NEVER disagree.  Yet this psalm describes our harmony as consecrating and refreshing.  These are pretty powerful adjectives which logically conclude that harmony is an "if"....dare I conclude because we would tend to lean toward disharmony??

Finally psalm 134...
the journeys end...
the culminating purpose of the ascent...
Three sweet verses declaring the blessing that comes to God via my worship as well as the blessing that comes to me via God because I choose to bring Him worship.  I'm guessing that I am not alone in finding this duo-purpose amazing?

I was excited by what Miss Beth shared to this dynamic duo from the Word Biblical Commentary:

"Worship at Zion is a doorway that opens out into the power behind the world.  Blessing extends in a remarkable cycle.  Dynamic potential is given to those who sincerely acknowledge God's power.  Essentially it is unsought and comes as a gracious byproduct of worship.  In keeping with this attribute of power, the divine object of blessing becomes an active subject.  God generously shares resources of omnipotence with devoted followers so that abundant life may be theirs."

Thank you Dear Beth Moore for your dedication to your sisters such as I.
I have loved studying with you and am very proud to call you "Mentor"~
Huge hugs,


My Psalm 132

Like the wind storm of last week, your anger O God can "blaze out" (2 Sam 6:7) against what and whom despise your present day Ark Of The Covenant -- 
Your Word...
the place in which you meet and give instruction (Ex:25:21-22)

Remember all of the too-many times in my life I have neglected your Ark's direction.
At times living with the consequences of that neglect has incited fear and anger in me toward You
Causing me to want to run from You, trying to push You out of my life
Thank you for the longing ache of your absence when my stupidity thinks it prefers separation from You
Living with out You near calls in me: "Come close Tink, My Footstool waits for your joyous laugh.  Come put on that beautiful righteous Priestess dress I bought you -- bring your bible and meet with me.  I have so many things to share with you",

David did not pray for Your covenant made --
"always a son of obedience to sit on the throne"
His imagination could not have even thought of such a possibility
As I seek Your face feeling like what I ask is so hard...so big.
You have loosed in heaven my unimaginable!
You have, through Christ, given me and my generations to come an inheritance 
We are Priest and King -- Anointed Light
with the only requirement -- obedience to your covenants and degrees
Thank You for remembering me in your will!!!
This Agent of Salvation and Anointed Light is singing for joy!!!


At His Footstool

Only a few more Pslams to go in this study...today I journal on Psalm 132.

Miss Beth notes that this psalm is referenced in 2 Chron 6:41and 42. So... I went there to check it out.  Low and behold I had made notes on it as well as on a few previous and following verses.  I had been studying Solomon and the building of the temple a while back. One of the things I was in awe of, is that immediately after his prayer of dedication was finished, "fire flashed down from heaven and burnt up the burnt offerings and sacrifices, and the glorious presence of the LORD filled the temple."

File:Tissot Solomon Dedicates the Temple at Jerusalem.jpg

Now that is one dedication celebration God-planned fireworks crescendo.   Would that have been a sight to behold or what!!!

By the way in Chapter 5:6 we are told that those offerings were so many in number that "no one could keep count".

Next the text describes how the people respond to the fireworks show. It says in chapter 7:3--"When all the people of Israel saw the fire coming down and the glorious presence of the LORD filling the Temple, they fell face down on the ground and worshiped and praised the LORD, saying, 'He is so good! His faithful love endures forever!'"

For me the impact-full word in that verse is the word "all".  I went searching for a population number and found estimates to be around 5,000,000.  This number happens to be the population of the state of Colorado in Dec of 2009...that is one gigantic party.  I have to giggle thinking of modern day folks who are uncomfortable with face-down worship...you know the kind that think we evangelicals made it up as if to be dramatic in some way.  Ah but perhaps it is more like Miss Beth always says..."Our God is a drama King!"

Just writing about this gets my dance-feet a tappin in anticipation for what eternity will prove in comparison to Solomon's temple dedication.   I gather from references in scripture it shall be the party-planning event of events!!


"Wearing a One-Piece:on the road to Calvary"

Today I want to share a blog entry from a perfect stranger who is my sister in Christ....I heart the world of blog.

God bless your weekend with joy and celebration!