Watch out world...the Ya Yas are headed to our annual beach bash!!

May the refreshment of our love for each other and the joy of our Lord satisfy us to overflowing~


Odd Shots Monday

My friend at Katney's Kaboodle hosts
"Odd Shots On Monday".  I enjoy
watching all that is odd!

Can you guess what we girls in this
 photo are "up" too?

Sometimes photos require "you just
 had to be there" captions...this is
 indeed one of those photos.

Cracking myself up......


The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure. ~ Francoise De Motteville

I have the best job evah!!!  Working at the perfect place affords me many delights.

Beautiful fabric to touch
Meeting and learning from talented artists
Patterns and Books to keep my dreamy, quilty, head spinning with new project ideas
because the shop is a Handi Quilter Representative I have been trained to use the shop's

Pin the quilt back to the leaders

This is the quilt top.  It is a One Block Wonder project from a Kaffe fabric I found interesting

Zip the leaders with the back onto the machine

A shot from the underside

 Batting laid on...horizontal stitch - Top laid on...horizontal stitch - Choose pattern from computer - Calculate repeats - Skew to fit - Find starting place - Quilt

So cool...right?

Don't you just want one????


Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

Tonight was a night of cross roads...do I or don't I
I toiled and cried and prayed and decided:

John I pray your pre-trial hearing goes exactly as God desires...as He takes great care of you.

Remember this photo op?  It was taken only a few short years before we rallied as a family for your intervention.  That intervention was sadly not successful.

Praying for your bottom Bro...I love you~

Circa 1985ish