Where did the summer go? That is the question I keep pondering today. The forecast was for sunshine however I awoke to soggy drizzle and thickly clouded skies. I pulled on my Crocs rain boots, a cosy polar fleece, and soft denim jeans rather than summer's standby Capri's and flip flop attire. It felt strange and familiar at the same time. I think it is time to dig through my wardrobe and beef up the sweat shirt supply.

A few days before the puppies turned 6 weeks old, while bathing them I injured my lower back. I had great plans for post-puppy days, immobility was not one of them. Two weeks of chiro appointments and massage therapy appointments transitioned me enough to enjoy a week long family vacation in Central Oregon. I was even able to conquer a hike. Somewhere in between these events, I also started a new job at the Kingston Quilt shop. Now here it is past mid September. Like I said, "where did summer go?".

When life gets hectic or full my blogging is the first thing to get set aside. When Cindy starts to make comments about how long it has been since I have posted a blog, I know it has been quite a while. :) Funny but when those lulls come, I miss it. I miss the creative process of playing with an online journal/photo record of my life progressions.

In honor of summer's end -- I will share a few sunglasses memories gone by: