I Got a Big-God-Hug of Miss Beth Moore on Friday


Majestic splendor

emanates from


HE is the source of strength and joy

1 Chronicles 16: 27



Can you see her?

That little light of joy is fiery-powerful and fun to learn from!

Sweet Miss Beth looks soooooo tiny in context of the Tacoma Dome. 

I was blessed with a free ticket – thank you so much Living Proof Ministry…you RAWK! 

Thank you God for that great big hug!!!!

Love, Tink


4 road trips inside of 36 days

It all started on Jan 28th and ended March 5th

I shared my post about the Ya Ya beach trip a few posts ago – that yearly trip is always one of the highlights of my year. 
The weekend prior to that trip I accompanied Fairborn Guy to a work conference.
  My friend  at Katney’s Kaboodle drove into town to play quilt shop tour guide for me.  We enjoyed a great lunch at a local Indian cuisine spot…that mango slushy was a tasty delight.

The weekend after my Ya Ya trip I organized a small goodbye  reception at our church for our outgoing Youth Pastor and his family. 
 Saying goodbye is always easier when there is    pie  involved. 
The sweet family we were honoring have been like family to us for the past five years.  We are very happy for the congregation who has hired them but will feel the gaping hole they leave for quite a while. 

The following weekend was our Youth Ministry’s three day winter retreat.  Fairborn Guy and I enjoyed serving again this year.
 I mastered using the massive can opener!


These women inspire me…being Pastor’s wives requires large shoulders to carry the weight of all that their families combat, and immense hearts of grace. In addition they have to grow very tough skin !!

This past weekend our new Youth Pastor and his wife took a team of us to the Youth Pastor’s Leadership conference called Summit.  Peanut and I were part of the team.  Though I got very little sleep my soul was infused with direction and tools to help support our new leaders. 
 I did not get too many photos but I was thrilled to grab a shot of our friend Wilson as he was praising God as one of the worship sessions was getting underway. 

Looking back I am wondering how in the world all this activity could have happened in such a short amount of time.  I am ready for a vacation…these successive events squished inside of 36 days has me longing for a rest.  Anyone have a condo in Hawaii they would like to gift me for a week? 
Full and drenched in JOY,