Trust…beaten down

I hate this feeling…it crushes
vice grips
It stings to the deepest part of my soul.  My tears fall in utter loss but to you I speak:
wretched lie, no matter your size or origin, you steal and take and distort and break and crush and imprint and I hate you more than I can articulate.
             You will not gain for long…this world will unfold one day and the
HOLY truth shall silent your voice forever….

here I stand…salt drips…hoping in forever


Joining the ranks of the “Siestas”

Tonight, while I in my recliner, and she on the sofa, and both with our laps full of laptops, my dd asked “Mom you want to go see Beth Moore at the Tacoma Dome?”.
I was expecting more of a “Mom you want to put laundry in for me before you go to bed?” kind of question.
Oh my heart be still.  My head instantly froze with fright – I wanted to lie…I wanted to say “sure thing girl, lets get the tickets!”. 
It brings tears to my eyes even considering saying the word no in relation to anything Miss Beth.
I Red hearther with all my kindred soul.  She has been a beacon of hope and an astounding teacher of the word to me.  I have seen her live once, in Seattle for one of her Living Proof conferences.  I have a bookcase full of studies I have completed that she has written, and I tape her weekly on the Life Today segment taught on Tuesdays.  God uses her in my life time-and-time again…He just knows my heart can receive of Him through her!!
So… why say no? 
Two words:  Tacoma Dome.  The venue is mostly bench seating, I could be memory challenged here but it seems to me that only about 1/4 to1/3 of the seating have backs. 
Nothing would make me happier than Me+dd+Miss Beth+thousands of sisters in Christ, however I don’t think my back can handle Bench seating OR 2 days of sitting.  I still can’t sit through and entire church service without discomfort.   Stupid back injury-you are a nuisance~
In my broken hearted frame of mind I decided to scoot over to the blog that I remembered Beth mention during a Tuesday teaching.  Thank you Google!  Her Living Proof blog was the first hit.  It was there that I discovered this memory verse challenge and the crazy name “siestas”.  I decided to join the party!
My frame of mind is now improved.  I will get to see Miss Beth lots this year via the amazing and wonderful blog community!  In love
I have downloaded the scripture spiral (a little tool to help contain the verses you choose to memorize).  The study load is 2 verses a month – a challenge for me indeed but the best part is that I get to choose them so they will be baby, bite size portions. 
If the idea of scripture memorization intrigues you but this avenue is not your cup of tea you might like this challenge at aholyexperience.com, I considered it last week but forgot to decide.  I call that – purely providential!
Goodnight dear City of Blog, it is way past my bed time.


Vlog Amateurs

Nothing like a 4 bffs getting a little camera action -- these gals make my laughter rawk!


Dawning of 2011 ( via my Panasonic DMC-FS15)

Thanks to a jazzy little cold our son brought home from Bahrain (or more likely the plane rides home from Bahrain) I was awake at 4 am this morning.
I spent some time pecking away hoping to get drowsy before daylight.  Not a chance....so I headed out to our deck with my camera.  I have to mention that it was 21 degrees..... ffffffffreezing cold temps that are seriously not normal for this part of the country.  

 As I stood out there praying in the new year and breathing in the cold crisp air I thought -- 
"Why not walk a few city blocks down to the beach oh lazy girl?" 
 I warred with myself then headed for my weather protectiveness items--aka woollies;  hoping that if I actually saw humanity on my trek that no one would notice my PJ's.
 First sight of water

 I was not alone for this sunrise display of Glory.  The gents in the back ground were loaded with many cameras, one of which was a home-made job the take a 30x40 negative -- it was huge!!
Here is a better shot of it. 
 My Ya Ya's Yvonne and Melissa would have loved chatting it up with my these guys but I was not in a social mood, I was using all my energy to prevent personal frost-bite. 
(jsyk there is very likely impersonal frost-bite some where)
I would be a skunk if I did not say that I wondered if they noticed my jammies?

Will now post this and head to bed for a much needed nap.

Happy New Year!

Each age has deemed the new-born year

The fittest time for festal cheer.

~Walter Scott

This is a terrible photo as my flash was incorrectly set, but it is the only documenting shot I captured of our h'orderve themed New Year's Eve bash of 2010.  Michael and Sharon left early...she had been fighting a migraine all day.   Tim is in the recliner, which could not be seen here, and Britt joined us a wee bit before the clock struck midnight. 

Praying that our Potter's Hands of unfailing love create kingdom beauty with we --
His humble clay.