A United Family Of Man/United Family Of God & Bless the LORD/The LORD Bless You

These last two psalms,133 &134, conclude my "Stepping Up" journal-study of  the 15 Ascent Psalms

Psalm 133 speaks to unity in the body of Christ...the beautiful result of setting aside "rib" issues as opposed to "spine" issues with one another.   
Way back in 1978 I became keenly aware of all that Christ did to purchase my ransom from sin, however I had no idea how difficult it would be, at times, to get along with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.  My idealistic heart honestly believed that with Christ in common, we would NEVER disagree.  Yet this psalm describes our harmony as consecrating and refreshing.  These are pretty powerful adjectives which logically conclude that harmony is an "if"....dare I conclude because we would tend to lean toward disharmony??

Finally psalm 134...
the journeys end...
the culminating purpose of the ascent...
Three sweet verses declaring the blessing that comes to God via my worship as well as the blessing that comes to me via God because I choose to bring Him worship.  I'm guessing that I am not alone in finding this duo-purpose amazing?

I was excited by what Miss Beth shared to this dynamic duo from the Word Biblical Commentary:

"Worship at Zion is a doorway that opens out into the power behind the world.  Blessing extends in a remarkable cycle.  Dynamic potential is given to those who sincerely acknowledge God's power.  Essentially it is unsought and comes as a gracious byproduct of worship.  In keeping with this attribute of power, the divine object of blessing becomes an active subject.  God generously shares resources of omnipotence with devoted followers so that abundant life may be theirs."

Thank you Dear Beth Moore for your dedication to your sisters such as I.
I have loved studying with you and am very proud to call you "Mentor"~
Huge hugs,

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