Six-hundred Pounds Put To Death

About 13 years or so ago I bought this piece at a second hand store for our television.
It is the heaviest piece of furniture on the planet...why we moved it from Port Orchard to Kingston 8 years ago is beyond my understanding, but we did.  

Today I decided to have some fun with this

Selling it on Craigslist was an option but it would require getting it down a hefty flight of stairs...I decided to save the world from more back injuries, Obama Care is broke already and I am a team player!  
It felt so good to destroy something!!!

I got tired quickly though...which lead to recruiting Fairborn Guy and his hand-dandy jigsaw.
He did not think it was fun to destroy something,
 but he played along.


Cindy said...

Did you destroy in order to make something new out of it or just to get it in pieces small enough to haul away?

Tink said...

You confuse me with Vonney....my name is Tink~

Vonnie said...

Damn now that I see it I wish I had talked you out of Towanda mode. Love your guts though.