My Psalm 132

Like the wind storm of last week, your anger O God can "blaze out" (2 Sam 6:7) against what and whom despise your present day Ark Of The Covenant -- 
Your Word...
the place in which you meet and give instruction (Ex:25:21-22)

Remember all of the too-many times in my life I have neglected your Ark's direction.
At times living with the consequences of that neglect has incited fear and anger in me toward You
Causing me to want to run from You, trying to push You out of my life
Thank you for the longing ache of your absence when my stupidity thinks it prefers separation from You
Living with out You near calls in me: "Come close Tink, My Footstool waits for your joyous laugh.  Come put on that beautiful righteous Priestess dress I bought you -- bring your bible and meet with me.  I have so many things to share with you",

David did not pray for Your covenant made --
"always a son of obedience to sit on the throne"
His imagination could not have even thought of such a possibility
As I seek Your face feeling like what I ask is so hard...so big.
You have loosed in heaven my unimaginable!
You have, through Christ, given me and my generations to come an inheritance 
We are Priest and King -- Anointed Light
with the only requirement -- obedience to your covenants and degrees
Thank You for remembering me in your will!!!
This Agent of Salvation and Anointed Light is singing for joy!!!

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