Ya Ya for Vashon ~

The little island of Vashon was our destination of choice this month for "Yaya" day.
Our goal required nourishment...four friends feind-ish over fabulous fabric must fuel up.

I ordered first...breakfast for lunch - a must.  But wait!  All three of my darling diner divas ordered the BLT.
Excuse me sir, may I change my order please?  
I would like the BLT as well. 
Thank you so much.

Satisfied, we brave the long walk two doors down to the Island Quilter.
My first mission...polka-dots.  I have had a collection going for a few years now. 
 One day I shall have to blog my eventual creation

My next mission...fabric listening.  It is an art developed with time, training, trial and error.  
I was hoping to hear fabric say to me this one important word: 
These little gems were the voices my discerning ear tuned. 
 First one...then the other then the...you get the picture here.  
Next - what happens is quite amazing...they begin to sing together and make beautiful quilt music. 

And finally... k-ching k-ching...
do you take debt cards? 


Cindy said...

Love the fabrics we all chose and can't wait to see our "yaya vashon outing" quilts. :)

Vonnie said...

It was a wonderful day and very fun to watch you quilters collect your colorful fodder.