Challenge to myself: Accomplished

I did it...I accomplished my little goal of journaling this "Stepping Up" study here in my blog

My work space...

This was my eighth Beth Moore bible study journey, if you have not had the pleasure I highly recommend her work.   Her gift of teaching has added tremendous substance to my walk with God.  My favorite thing about Miss Beth Moore is her love of learning...I learn well from learners, they inspire me!  

I will step back down the stairs of ascent I have climbed with my study group now, looking forward to uncovering what will be my next study journey.  I will not be recording it here, you will find me in my paper journal with my mechanical pencil scribbling away my heart's thoughts, ideas and questions with my Abba.  I have missed my journal ~


Cindy said...

Good job on the discipline of the challenge. You did great.

Vonnie said...

Challeges compleated are always worth celebration. Way to go sweetie.