I Aint Stayin Here...

Today was another reminder of how much I gain when I reach outside my Tink centered world for great teaching.  The risk being; not always is the teaching all that great, however my heart is overwhelmed by how many times God has given me exactly what I needed for the season I am headed, via other people.

I shall cut it real here...I was not excited about a Monday morning study.  Monday's are typical "get centered for the week" days for me.  I tackle paper work and phone calls and laundry and books I want to be studying.  The day of the week aside, I jumped at the subject matter--Psalms.  A study of psalms...oh my heart be still!!

The particular psalms of focus will be 120-134...the fifteen psalms of ascent that were sung in pilgrimage to Mt Zion for particular celebration feasts.  I had been curious a few months ago.  I wanted to know about these ascent songs when I noticed the wording ascent in notation in my bible.  I dug around a bit but then got distracted from my dig...not uncommon with my brain at all.  So today when I discovered that God was bringing me back to my digging ground...well you can imagine my delight!

I decided that rather than my regular long hand, journal tradition; during this study of ascent,  I will try to journal here. It seems fitting since the focus will be pilgrimage...and you know what that means friends.  Pilgrimage means movement...hence the title of this blog. 

Oy Vey...how dreaded that word movement can play out in a life that longs for warmth and security and everything tied up in pretty little homey packages.  Oh...don't get me wrong, I like adventure... but the kind where I have a warm cozy home to refuge my adventurous soul in, after my adventure is DONE!  

I have a feeling the movement I am about to partake in will be the kind where going back "home", in an emotional sense, is not going to feel very cozy.  Sometimes going forward means never going back so to speak.  
I am excited to learning a few new songs to sing along my ascent up...put in your ear plugs cuz I sing a bit sharp.

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Cindy said...

Here's to stepping up with the Lord!