Time Square Times Two

Our plan Monday was Central Park, lunch at Tavern On The Green
and a few shopping stops. However we had a few amendments to the day.
TOTG was closed...so hot dogs in the park were a must.

I was in heaven...Central Park was number 1 on my to see list while here and the weather created a magical day to experience it.

On our way to the park, we passed the Ed Sullivan Theater where they were looking for Late Show audience guests. We entered the free ticket lottery and hoped for the best.

We were lucky winners!!!!
However this meant we needed to change clothing--which meant we must
shorten our Central Park visit.
Happily the need for my first subway ride was required.

The tickets are free but you work your smile muscles into cramps,
not to mention blisters from clapping....it was more than worth it to this David Letterman fan.
Sorry no photos allowed....bah humbug.
Thankfully Rupert at Hello Deli was happy to pose for a shot with me.

This next shot had to be taken in honor of my first Hendricks Gin experience.
Faith, tell Daniel that I understand now.
I had a splendid cocktail made with Hendricks, muddled cucumber
and Leachy juice...my new favorite!

We enjoyed this cocktail in the W Hotel bar....Melissa you would adore the design, very modern.

After the W our plan was to experience the Rainbow Room for sunset...yet another amendment.
When we arrived the elevator attendant told us in a very kind way that we may be disappointed in more than the prices, which we expected.
What we did not expect were: dirty windows, wrinkled table linens, pen scratched out menus, and non-existent service. Thus our decision to exit stage left....poor Shelleice, she loves the Rainbow Room-or shall we say the OLD Rainbow Room.

Just a random city shot that happened to be the last of day.

Time Square Times One

First meal, first visit to New York City was eaten here.
My lasagna was heaven...and the wine...amazing!

Scary girlfriends

My roomeys for the week....Mr. Monte (Mr. Convention to attend all week)
and Miss Shelleice (my best friend since kindergarten and my playmate for the week).

Morning coffee to help rid me of jet-lag. Today's activity--"lets get pedicures"!

Fresh flowers in the room - swanky!

Random detour adds manicure--my first one EVER!

Glorious weather=Glorious sunset
Here are some shots from our room windows in the
Crown Plaza, which is generously being shared with me at no cost.
Having friends who attend conventions in New York rawks!

Good night first full day of my trip....you were a joy added to my sweet memory files.


1/4 Century

Though I am in NY City today--today is about the gift of my oldest child and only son....
Happy 25th Birthday Son

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Seagull Chase

disrupted by excited energy



lifted - safe


bounding return



Hat Haberdash

Today I had a thought- "I think my life used to be a great hat."

HAT, n.
1. A covering for the head; a garment made of different materials, and worn by men or women for defending the head, or for ornament. Hats are formed with a crown and brim.

It seems that currently I am not known how to be worn.

My brim is much too big some days

Much too small on others

I can be hard to fit in public places

Most days I am just honestly a crinkled mess.

Others have me flat as paper
All of which, keep me from feeling like a defender - let alone an ornament for anyone.

Girlfriend- If you feel like you don't accent many of life's outfits, you are not alone. Give me a holler and we will commiserate till our hormone replacement therapies kick into gear!
~All images from Google~


A Day Across the "Pond"

Today we finally were able to sneek in a college visit for Peanut.

All the books and advice columns tell you to visit, visit, visit schools to get a feel for what it is you think you would like and dislike about particular post high school education.

Northwest University is a local Christian College...well local as in a ferry ride plus away.

Since B went to the local Jr. College then transfered to WSU, and Snickerdoodle was not interested in College, this is my first run at College shopping support mother.

Hubby decided last night to take the day off and join us for the outing which ended up being a nice addition in spite of my hormonal irratableness...poor guy, I wonder why anyone would want to be around
me right now.

We had a nice little lunch at Hector's in Kirkland and then...

enjoyed a stroll on the waterfront of Lake Washington.


Ageless Love

Under question as to its authorship, this piece was written nearly one thousand years ago by a Jewish songwriter, and put on the score page by F.M. Lehman, a Gentile songwriter, in 1917.

"Could we with ink the ocean fill,

And were the skies of parchment made,

Were every stalk on earth a quill,

And every man a scribe by trade;

To write the love of God above

Would drain the ocean dry;

Nor could the scroll contain the whole,

Though stretched from sky to sky."

Praying your weekend

is marked by God's

endless, ageless



Time for Webster's 1828 Again

MI'LESTONE, n. A stone set to mark the distance or space of a mile.
This week has held a few milestones for Me, Myself, and I.
Most of them I will blog about later.
The most significant one for me, was only one of a zillion things that - from out of no where - turned on the water works in my tear ducts!
But, before I tell you about this significant milestone, let me tell you that watching a male couple smooching sweetly in front of
Top Pots Donut shop today rolled opened the flood gates of
"oh my goodness they are so in love" tears.
I know most folks believe that Christ followers are homosexual-couple haters. Let me just correct the record, that's a lie - straight from the pit of hell!!
"focus Tink, focus!" Back to my most significant milestone of the week.....

Hi Ho Hi Ho its on to natural HRT I go!!

For those of you who love statistics

When a woman's FSH levels are between 23.0-116.3

she is considered postmenopausal.

My FSH level is 249.9!!!

No wonder I can't remember a blasted thing and my midriff looks like a barrel, and glancing out a window at two very, enamored lovers makes me FREAKIN cry.


Navigating Body Deconstrution

Understanding my midlife body

is as difficult as reading

by candle light

Lately living inside of it has felt much like

the storms we get here on the Puget Sound,


I sometimes feel like I am just standing outside of

this amazingly created flesh and bones house that I dwell in,

only to see disconnected-disjointed pieces and parts

that make entirely no sense!

It's as if my hormones are warring with my thyroid,

which is warring with my emotions,

which is warring with my lack of memory,

which is warring with the 15 pounds I have gained this year,

and all of them are warring with my emotions;

which brings me back to my hormones.

So I ask for help -- take my chubby ole butt to my Naturalpath where I begin to feel like someone understands something about the mess I see. Someone who can tell me what steps I can choose to take next so I can gain some calm understanding of what may be



or rusty.
I love my doctor...she drew some blood, took notes,

asked questions and even

laughed with me in understanding.

My hope is

that when the solution options are evident from the test results,

I will choose the one that can best aid

my body begin to repair itself toward a more usable structure!

**Photos taken from Jefferson Beach storm January of 2007 -

except snow photo,
which was taken snow storm Jan of 2008**