Navigating Body Deconstrution

Understanding my midlife body

is as difficult as reading

by candle light

Lately living inside of it has felt much like

the storms we get here on the Puget Sound,


I sometimes feel like I am just standing outside of

this amazingly created flesh and bones house that I dwell in,

only to see disconnected-disjointed pieces and parts

that make entirely no sense!

It's as if my hormones are warring with my thyroid,

which is warring with my emotions,

which is warring with my lack of memory,

which is warring with the 15 pounds I have gained this year,

and all of them are warring with my emotions;

which brings me back to my hormones.

So I ask for help -- take my chubby ole butt to my Naturalpath where I begin to feel like someone understands something about the mess I see. Someone who can tell me what steps I can choose to take next so I can gain some calm understanding of what may be



or rusty.
I love my doctor...she drew some blood, took notes,

asked questions and even

laughed with me in understanding.

My hope is

that when the solution options are evident from the test results,

I will choose the one that can best aid

my body begin to repair itself toward a more usable structure!

**Photos taken from Jefferson Beach storm January of 2007 -

except snow photo,
which was taken snow storm Jan of 2008**


Cindy said...

Ahh...nice use of pics and a bit of poetic writing to tell about hormonal change. Clever. Your brain is working well to come up with that. Who cares if it can't remember s***!

NJT said...

Oh Rhonda aptly put! What a great use of some cool photos too. How do you think like that??? I wish. NJT

Vonnie said...

What a wonderfully visual metaphor. I think this is my favorite Tink post ever. Hugs sweet YaYa.