A Day Across the "Pond"

Today we finally were able to sneek in a college visit for Peanut.

All the books and advice columns tell you to visit, visit, visit schools to get a feel for what it is you think you would like and dislike about particular post high school education.

Northwest University is a local Christian College...well local as in a ferry ride plus away.

Since B went to the local Jr. College then transfered to WSU, and Snickerdoodle was not interested in College, this is my first run at College shopping support mother.

Hubby decided last night to take the day off and join us for the outing which ended up being a nice addition in spite of my hormonal irratableness...poor guy, I wonder why anyone would want to be around
me right now.

We had a nice little lunch at Hector's in Kirkland and then...

enjoyed a stroll on the waterfront of Lake Washington.


Cindy said...

Who wouldn't love sitting in a park alongside a lake? I love lakes!

country mouse said...

And how did the visit at the college go?

Tink said...

She had a great time...or so she said in the almost 10 total minutes I have seen her since she got home.

Julie said...

What a great day you had! Lucky you, I didn't get to go on a singe college visit, DH took both girls (one to New York) while I was stuck at work! Brad just flat out said I am going to U of I and last year went alone on his visit, spending the night with his sister! It's going to be strange at my house this fall when he leaves!