Time Square Times One

First meal, first visit to New York City was eaten here.
My lasagna was heaven...and the wine...amazing!

Scary girlfriends

My roomeys for the week....Mr. Monte (Mr. Convention to attend all week)
and Miss Shelleice (my best friend since kindergarten and my playmate for the week).

Morning coffee to help rid me of jet-lag. Today's activity--"lets get pedicures"!

Fresh flowers in the room - swanky!

Random detour adds manicure--my first one EVER!

Glorious weather=Glorious sunset
Here are some shots from our room windows in the
Crown Plaza, which is generously being shared with me at no cost.
Having friends who attend conventions in New York rawks!

Good night first full day of my trip....you were a joy added to my sweet memory files.


Cindy said...

What a view for morning coffee! Cool beans!

And who is the third foot with the cute brown sandals?

Shell looks like shes been in Hawaii not Utah! Sun must shine there. :)

Tink said...

Shell is a fan of the tanning bed and the third foot is Laura, another wife of a Delegate at the convention.

Vonnie said...

Those views are amazing. What a wonderful memory making experience. Pretty sure I saw you on Letterman. I kept the tape.