Hat Haberdash

Today I had a thought- "I think my life used to be a great hat."

HAT, n.
1. A covering for the head; a garment made of different materials, and worn by men or women for defending the head, or for ornament. Hats are formed with a crown and brim.

It seems that currently I am not known how to be worn.

My brim is much too big some days

Much too small on others

I can be hard to fit in public places

Most days I am just honestly a crinkled mess.

Others have me flat as paper
All of which, keep me from feeling like a defender - let alone an ornament for anyone.

Girlfriend- If you feel like you don't accent many of life's outfits, you are not alone. Give me a holler and we will commiserate till our hormone replacement therapies kick into gear!
~All images from Google~


Julie said...

I love your analogies! I can so commiserate with you, but hey it gets better! I feel almost human now (most of the time!). A couple years ago I didn't even want me to be around myself, let alone anyone else! Hang in there!

Cindy said...

"Defending the head"....that cracks me up. Never thought of a hat in that way before. Only you would discover a braveheart definition for an article of clothing.
You are a beautiful hat my friend...lack of hormones and all!