Time Square Times Two

Our plan Monday was Central Park, lunch at Tavern On The Green
and a few shopping stops. However we had a few amendments to the day.
TOTG was closed...so hot dogs in the park were a must.

I was in heaven...Central Park was number 1 on my to see list while here and the weather created a magical day to experience it.

On our way to the park, we passed the Ed Sullivan Theater where they were looking for Late Show audience guests. We entered the free ticket lottery and hoped for the best.

We were lucky winners!!!!
However this meant we needed to change clothing--which meant we must
shorten our Central Park visit.
Happily the need for my first subway ride was required.

The tickets are free but you work your smile muscles into cramps,
not to mention blisters from clapping....it was more than worth it to this David Letterman fan.
Sorry no photos allowed....bah humbug.
Thankfully Rupert at Hello Deli was happy to pose for a shot with me.

This next shot had to be taken in honor of my first Hendricks Gin experience.
Faith, tell Daniel that I understand now.
I had a splendid cocktail made with Hendricks, muddled cucumber
and Leachy juice...my new favorite!

We enjoyed this cocktail in the W Hotel bar....Melissa you would adore the design, very modern.

After the W our plan was to experience the Rainbow Room for sunset...yet another amendment.
When we arrived the elevator attendant told us in a very kind way that we may be disappointed in more than the prices, which we expected.
What we did not expect were: dirty windows, wrinkled table linens, pen scratched out menus, and non-existent service. Thus our decision to exit stage left....poor Shelleice, she loves the Rainbow Room-or shall we say the OLD Rainbow Room.

Just a random city shot that happened to be the last of day.


Cindy said...

Ahhh...too many pics to comment on! So I'm assuming there is a story connected to Rupert the deli guy? And glad you had a NYC hot dog...how 'bout a pretzel?

Colorado Dreamin' said...


I think I have a copy of the study that I downloaded free from the internet. I did the Fruit of the Spirit study with her video posts online. I have a link to it on the side of my blog. If you want me to mail you a copy of it just send me an email with your address. angelmom1165@yahoo.com

Love your New York pics. Would love to see each state someday!
~Colorado Dreamin'

Faith said...

I'm oober jealous at the moment. A dog in the park? That constitutes pure bliss!! Oh how I love NY. I'm hoping someday to convince Danny to go there with me. Everyone should at least once in their lives.

Miss ya!