Time for Webster's 1828 Again

MI'LESTONE, n. A stone set to mark the distance or space of a mile.
This week has held a few milestones for Me, Myself, and I.
Most of them I will blog about later.
The most significant one for me, was only one of a zillion things that - from out of no where - turned on the water works in my tear ducts!
But, before I tell you about this significant milestone, let me tell you that watching a male couple smooching sweetly in front of
Top Pots Donut shop today rolled opened the flood gates of
"oh my goodness they are so in love" tears.
I know most folks believe that Christ followers are homosexual-couple haters. Let me just correct the record, that's a lie - straight from the pit of hell!!
"focus Tink, focus!" Back to my most significant milestone of the week.....

Hi Ho Hi Ho its on to natural HRT I go!!

For those of you who love statistics

When a woman's FSH levels are between 23.0-116.3

she is considered postmenopausal.

My FSH level is 249.9!!!

No wonder I can't remember a blasted thing and my midriff looks like a barrel, and glancing out a window at two very, enamored lovers makes me FREAKIN cry.


Cindy said...

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.....following I will go! Thanks for the trailblazing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah honey, we love you so! Sweat, snot and all!