Some Summer Shots to Share

I have not been inspired to fix my last post gone wrong. It was supposed to be a video of several shots I took of steeples in Manhattan....grrrrr to computers not cooperating. The preview worked fine but as you may have seen....there was only one photo in the video when it posted.
I have been busy opening my new Etsy shop
(upcoming post on that next time),
making items to sell there,
working for my clients who's yards are in full swing-I am needed as weed warrior,
enjoying the sunshine/baseball and bbq's.
I have captured a few shots I would like to share....enjoy!
The light at dusk on this grass was wonderful.

Again...the light...oh my!

This plant is known as a weed, rather, my friend in this shot.

Looking across the narrows of Dyes Inlet at the Olympic Mountains

larger view


Catching a flight in landing.


Prior to this wonderful sunset I had been a cheer leading bleacher babe.
Fairborn Guy is playing on our church softball team this year.
Here are a few shots I had fun with

Miss Scarlet aka Sweet Cheeks

The Pep Squad

Bull Pen

My Edgar - who in the most recent game was 4 for 4 !!!


Here Is The Church And Here Is The Steeple.....

I loved shooting church steeples while in NY...not sure those walking with me felt the same.


Its Working!!!!

Look how happy we all look...how does that saying go? --

"If mama aint happy, aint no body happy!"

It has been 6 weeks of HRT

Thank You God in heaven!

My adverse feelings are less intense.

I am sleeping better.

I have an increased libido...could not be described as dying to have sex with my husband every minute,
but a marked increase is better than nothing.

I am generally "happy" improved!!


Strolling Down Memory Lanes

Macy's in Manhattan has a few of it's original wooden escalators
Shelleice poses perfectly as she rides the historic ole girl.
The memories held by these beautiful antiques...who could imagine them all?

I was anxious to get to our next memory lane stop which needs a bit of an intro.
The summer after 4th grade I became what is fondly known as...
Trailer Trash.
Therefore - lunch at the Trailer Park Lounge and Grill was in order

Toilet bowl planter....perfect

Really...this trailer is inside the lounge

Shell checking out the cocktail menu

No joke....trailer trash skipper!
My heart swells....
this lunch was fantastic and is at the top of my New York fav experiences.

"The more one thinks about thinking the more one thinks of thoughts."--Toby Creek

I had intentions of posting every day's adventure of my New York trip....then I got sick. No, I got REALLY sick!

I have been home almost two weeks now. With each passing day I think of a million things I would like to be blogging, not to mention the remainder of my NY trip adventures.

Thinking of thoughts....lots of thinking of thoughts........

The big Swine Flu scare had my parents thinking I contracted it. I did not venture out to the doctor for a diagnosis....I am a terrible daughter.

Meanwhile Fairborn Guy and Peanut just kept their distance and put up with my whining and complaining.

I was down six days with the crud...don't ask me where the rest of the two weeks has gone.

More thoughts coming....