Its Working!!!!

Look how happy we all look...how does that saying go? --

"If mama aint happy, aint no body happy!"

It has been 6 weeks of HRT

Thank You God in heaven!

My adverse feelings are less intense.

I am sleeping better.

I have an increased libido...could not be described as dying to have sex with my husband every minute,
but a marked increase is better than nothing.

I am generally "happy" improved!!


Cindy said...

Yeah to improvements and to "mama being happy"!

Faith said...

Sometimes these replacement things are truly our friends.... as well as the friends of those that surround us. For Sure! I'm officially on SRT for life. That would Serotonin Replacement Therapy. Happy drugs. You know, the good stuff. Yuppers. Sure do know what you are talking about.

Love ya!