Strolling Down Memory Lanes

Macy's in Manhattan has a few of it's original wooden escalators
Shelleice poses perfectly as she rides the historic ole girl.
The memories held by these beautiful antiques...who could imagine them all?

I was anxious to get to our next memory lane stop which needs a bit of an intro.
The summer after 4th grade I became what is fondly known as...
Trailer Trash.
Therefore - lunch at the Trailer Park Lounge and Grill was in order

Toilet bowl planter....perfect

Really...this trailer is inside the lounge

Shell checking out the cocktail menu

No joke....trailer trash skipper!
My heart swells....
this lunch was fantastic and is at the top of my New York fav experiences.


Cindy said...

Oh man...that place looks fun! I can imagine the memories all the stuff would bring back...even for those who didn't live in trailers! :)

Vonnie said...

Wow your post makes me want to go back to NY. Is that Billy Beer I see? Too much fun.