Some Summer Shots to Share

I have not been inspired to fix my last post gone wrong. It was supposed to be a video of several shots I took of steeples in Manhattan....grrrrr to computers not cooperating. The preview worked fine but as you may have seen....there was only one photo in the video when it posted.
I have been busy opening my new Etsy shop
(upcoming post on that next time),
making items to sell there,
working for my clients who's yards are in full swing-I am needed as weed warrior,
enjoying the sunshine/baseball and bbq's.
I have captured a few shots I would like to share....enjoy!
The light at dusk on this grass was wonderful.

Again...the light...oh my!

This plant is known as a weed, rather, my friend in this shot.

Looking across the narrows of Dyes Inlet at the Olympic Mountains

larger view


Catching a flight in landing.


Prior to this wonderful sunset I had been a cheer leading bleacher babe.
Fairborn Guy is playing on our church softball team this year.
Here are a few shots I had fun with

Miss Scarlet aka Sweet Cheeks

The Pep Squad

Bull Pen

My Edgar - who in the most recent game was 4 for 4 !!!


Cindy said...

Cool pics....love the one of Sweet Cheeks! Their munchkins are so dang cute. :)
Oh and love the new blog skin....waiting to get the link to the Etsy shop....still! ;)

Vonnie said...

Those shots were really beautiful. Your camera really caught the light wonderfully. Darn now I want a new camera.

Melis said...

10 star love the photos R! They are really, really beautiful!

Faith said...

Oh my, sweet love! You are quite the photographer! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics. Love love love them, and love you more. ;-)