From Blogging Pause to Play

I hope you happily notice that this post contains zero four-legged furr-faces!  My days of sales woman are behind me, I no longer need to use my sweet blog to push my products.  Hurray for chapters that end ey?

I am moving along toward "normal" these days.  There is still some nerve damage that sets me back in certain situations but for the most part Tink is back!  She also owns a sweet new puppy named Millie but I shall brag about her in a later post.

It is the crazy and busy Christmas season which includes my Red Hat group's Christmas lunch.  Since I have not seen the Red Hat gals much this year due to my disabling-disk issues I decided it was high time I made an appearance.

As a point of detail: I am a pinky member of a Red Hat group called Scarlet Ladies.  I joined the group with my dear friend Cindy. We have had the distinct goal of receiving a graduation ceremony when we turned 50 to become official Red Hatters.  For 7 years or so we have been aging along side our more seasoned members.  They always bring a sweet story to conversations and are reliable for great jokes and loads of laughs.  I enjoy the perspective women older than I have on life and love and joy -- I like to think of  each one as wisdom deposits for my future.

Back to my story...today all were in cheery holiday spirits.  We were anticipating our new Queen's bent on all things Red Hat as she stepped into her new Queeny proverbial shoes.  Our tradition is to honor the birthdays of members with song and a special card.  Because my birthday is this month I expected the usual.  I knew that Miss Lynn and I would be sung too as well as receive a little special bday treat.  However---- I did not expect what actually happened!!! 

Our vice Queen, also new to her crown, came to let me know that I would be receiving a little ceremony for my transition from pink to red.  Ahhhh.....I did not know what to say.  I actually do not even remember my response but I told her that this year I am only turning 49 -- not 50.  She whispered in her sweet little Red Hat voice, "oh don't tell Janice (our new Queen), she has prepared something special."  I am not used to sweet ole-lady dysfunction.  It totally threw me~

I caught Cindy out of the corner of my eye.  Simultaneously came an odd infusion of spontaneous silliness that caused me to say: "Oh don't tell her!  Lets just do it!!!"

In other words my friends, today I turned a year older than I really am!!

 My bff Cindy, who is now younger than me!
 Queeny-Janice   Vice Queen-Carol
 Queeny Janice preparing to read me my graduation poem
 I have been de-pinkhatted
 I made it!
 Now I can wear purple instead of lavendar!
She is never going to let me live this one down!

For those of you who know me, you may already be seriously confused about when the heck my birthday is, and how old I am turning.    I have moved it from December to May...just when you were all settled on May, (hey--I gave you about a decade) I  rudely moved it back to December!!!  
Don't think for a minute this gets you out of attending my real 50th bday party next year...just sayin!


Cindy said...

Still roflmao!!!!

I wonder how long I can tease you about this? I was seriously tempted to stop by Wallyworld on my way home today and buy you a red hat for your birthday! I was good, though. ;)

Melis said...

Ditto on the roflmao!!! I wish I could have seen your face Cindy. :)

Vonnie said...

Too funny!
Always had the feeling you were somehow older. Maybe we should start calling you mama mama too.