December Baby's Declaration Ammendment

I think it has been about ten years now...ten years since this crazy December birthday girl made a birthday switch request.
"I would like to move my birthday please!" "I would like it to be May 15th please!".

It is with great excitement that I, hear and now, in public and in sound mind, declare that,
my birthday be officially moved back to it's originalness...ie December 15th.

Come on...really people...if a girl can move her birthday, she can surely move it back!!

In honor of this declaration I share with you photos of me at the birhtday party my step mother lovingly threw for me in 2004. I adore the glitter photo frame holding my 3rd grade school head shot.

Happy New But Original Birthdate Upcoming Too ME!!!!


Melis said...

Hey! An official announcement, yay! From one December 15th girl to another, welcome back girlfriend. :)

Faith said...

Happy birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!! Wait, does this mean you are celebrating TWICE this year?? Hmmmm.

Cindy said...

You did good not saying a bloody word about this today!!!! Go job...must have been hard.

Never ever say you are easy to figure out. The only thing easy is knowing you will never be figured out.

Welcome back to the land of normal birthdays. It's gonna be a long wait for your next yaya bday party!

Vonnie said...

Ha Ha too funny. You didn't say a thing yesterday when I mentioned it on the phone. Belated Happy B-day!