Nedra I Miss You!

Who is Nedra?  Why she is my former Red Hat Queen~
Nedra has recently relocated to California and I am having a Nedra moment!
I met sweet Nedra (pictured below on the right next to her Vice Queen Maxine) at curves.  It must have been about 2003.  In 2005 I decided to, beg, her to let my bff and I join her Red Hat group.  
We wanted to be Pinkies.  Why?  Because we discovered that Pinkies get graduation ceremonies when they turn 50 at which time they then become
Official Red Hatters!

Here she is 2008 at a Red Hat convention during the Queen procession

Who, but sweet Nedra, can make you want to construct a necklace out of tampons?

...and slippers out of kotex, garnised by tampon flowers

One day...in a few years bff and I will grow up and graduate from Pinkies to Red Hatters....Nedra you better fly up for our graduation...it will not be the same without you!!!  

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Vonnie said...

Ok so this post is priceless with a giant star on top. The picture of you and Cindy will forever be my favorite. Pinkie Princesses rock!