I have been boring-boring-boring for the past 3 weeks, suffering from a back injury that descended upon me in my...wait for it...sleep.  It sounds much more diva to have an injury take place while participating in a marathon or even a half-marathon...or perhaps even during a great night of marriage bed bliss.  
Oh sadness...when will Diva ever arrive in my life?

Therefore my current life goal has been to keep moving in my immense pain and to try not to dive into the several year old pain killers left over from Fairborn Guy's melanoma surgery.  
Therefore I have snapped a few shots on my slow and steady walking ventures.
End of Jefferson Beach fishing pier -- looking south

Turn around and you discover "Jeff Head" in his erosion-laced state.  Can you see the house missing it's deck thanks to the bank recently giving way?  
Here is a close up

I do not know these neighbors but I pray they sleep soundly at night as well as escape any more significant property damage.

More excitement to come,

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Vonnie said...

So great that you have such an interesting walk/retreat so close to home. Yikes for the house on the cliff.