They Have Not Prevailed & To Be Heard

This psalm study I learned:  
God will give His cup of fury to those who walk or have walked on my back 
(Isiah 49:25)
"...sometimes an important part of praying is simply being heard."
(most times in my prayer life)  

My Psalm 129
From my earliest youth, oppression surrounded me -
Thank you Jesus that none of it has prevailed.  In fact You have, and continue, to use it for good!

Yahweh, you are loyal, You have cut the cords the dark forces of evil have used to bind me.

Let all who hate you Oh God, be put to shame and defeated...withered, empty and unblessed by You!

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Cindy said...

Just so you know.....I've not been ignoring your posts (and thus not commented) because I'm sick of you...LOL...only cuz I'm so far behind and don't want to have what God tells you interfere with what He tells me before He tells me.