"Blessing is inherent in the power to increase." ~ Eugene Peterson

Psalm 128's study this week just tripped my trigger!!!

Not a big surprise, given that I adore growth/increase so very, very, much.  Miss Beth brought to light an inspiring parallel for me in this lesson...the parallel of God's command (Gen 1:27-28) to His first Adam and his  bride Eve.   They were to be fruitful and multiply.  I do not think it was only a sexual kind of fruitful, however, for their offspring to increase they would indeed be having some sex.  Sex requires physical connectedness.

Stay with me here...

Jesus final face-to-face command to his disciples (Matt 38:19) was also an increase directive.  They were to go and make disciples of all nations.  This bearing of fruit command requires a connectedness as well.  God's last Adam (1 Cor 15:45), tells them (the Bride of Christ) that in order to be productive they must stay connected to Him.  He uses the analogy of the vine and the branches...it takes connectedness to Jesus to bring increase to His kingdom.

It is a simple parallel, yet very profound to me...not in the concepts but in the constancy in scripture between the old and the new testaments.  One of my favorite things about God is His amazing life manual....His breath authored gift of usefulness for teaching, correcting, and training righteousness.

Heres to a universe full of fruit as a result of those who choose to abide.

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