If You Kept A Record

This portion's study of Psalm 130 was rich for me~
I love the intimacy that begins the song, "I call  to YAHWEH and He hears my voice".  Which, to me, means He understands what my voice sounds like!  Is that enough to halt a heart or what?

Then the psalmist uses ADONAY (also spelled ADONAI) in verse 2...another one of God's great names.  Both names used in one song, for me, display intimate understanding of God's multifaceted-ness.

God is YAHWEH, Jehovah, the "I am who I am", the self-existent God. God is also Master and Superior, Sovereign Ruler over all!!  That my God, has so many distinct characteristics...blows my mind!

Next the song denotes the free inheritance God gives...He gives forgiveness. What I love about this portion is the "if You (God) considered sins, who could stand?" part.  What a statement of pardon.  When I accept the pardon, no consideration of my sins is marked...they are erased...become non-existent!!!  Seriously, I have no words to describe how this makes me feel, unbelievable is not sufficient~

Verse 6 introduces the phrase "I wait" coupled with the words "and put my hope in His word".  I find the tiny word "and" quite impact-full.  This phrase tells me that waiting does not work correctly without the hope in what He took the time to wrote down...scripture.  So while I wait, putting my hope in His word, some may ask:  What am I waiting for?  I think tomorrow's lesson may address that question, I can't wait ~

Also, before I close this post out... I have great news - my sister is engaged!

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