Much Contempt

Have I mentioned here in my little 30 day journaling challenge, that studying the Psalms while in a fairly mountain top season of life...is weird to my brain!  I am growing more fond of  the oddity, and get excited to view the next lesson without the heaviness of valley walk emotions.

This lesson focused on what causes the gaze to be upward toward God asking for mercy...contempt or better translated - ridicule.  I lapped this lesson up!  Thank you Miss Beth!
My Psalm 123
I wish I could see your throne - hear the accompanied praises of heaven singing your due honor.

Therefore I lift my eyes up to heaven just in case the chance of it parting and exposing your physical view is granted.  I need your kindness Abba

I am not as attentive toward you as a servant girl to her mistress.  My attentions are drawn away from you so easily.

But - O God, how I long to focus and I cry for your mercy

I am weary from a world that oozes disrespect
I know it rubs off on me sometimes without even my notice
I am fed up with it's game - defeat
I want to be free from it's consequences - division

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