The Enthroned One

Today Miss Beth's lesson on Psalm 123 stabbed my heart...the line in the Psalm using the analogy of a servant girl looking to the hand of her mistress brought me conviction.  The closest thing in my life too being a handmaiden of mistress, is working at the quilt shop.  At my job, I am very interested in what it is my boss wants me to be doing every single minute that I am there under her employ.  In my walk with God I settle more for a position (sadly) of:  I am here...I am willing to listen when your direction comes.  I see such a stark difference.  One says I won't make a move till you give me direction, the other says I will move when directed.

Also, thanks to this lesson I was given a deeper layer of understanding of God's enthronement and that nothing operates outside God's sovereign rule...NOThing.  It is a truth I know - duh God is the King...but to gain a deeper still ownership of it rawks my world.

Does the direction of my attention desire to settle it's focus on the presently enthroned King of Kings?  My attentions are so easily prostituted by my un-submitted fears and doubts...LORD turn my head toward You!  Love, Your Daughter

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