Full Redemption

The Amplified describes it as plenteous redemption...that is what those of us in Christ wait for...
full, plenteous redemption ~

Forgiveness has been given and it is amazing.  So what in the crazy heck is full redemption going to be like when it comes?  Apparently more anticipating than what an Old Testament night watchman had for the rising of the sun.  He waited with baited breath for no more watching in the darkness...for light to open the day into full view!  I pray we get to see that coming fullness-sunrise, with great joy, together.

My Psalm 130 
You are that you are the "I Am" and  the "Sovereign Ruler" 
yet you know the sound of my voice as I call to you.  
You distinguish my voice in the choir of billions
While I expectantly wait for your fullness of time, I put my hope in your love letter to me
Your plan is for full redemptions view-
 plenteous redemption

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