Things Too Great / Like A Weaned Child

The words I want to first share on the Psalm 131, are not my own:

"The same psalm that teaches us not to occupy ourselves with questions too big for us also uses the metaphor of a content toddler resting on his mother to illustrate a quieted soul.  God's goal is not children scared into silence but those who trust their parent even with questions unanswered.  The quieted one in Psalm 131 has not been terrified into silence.  We are not the victims of God, but His cherished children." ~ Beth Moore


"I do not seek, O Lord, to penetrate thy depths.  I by no means think my intellect equal to them: but I long to understand in some degree thy truth, which my heart believes and loves.  For I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe, that I may understand." ~ Anselm, an eleventh-century English monk

My Psalm 131
Abba I so very much enjoy saying the words "I do not know for sure...".  This leaves the job to You for revelation of truth.  Like a toddler sitting in it's mother's lap thinking "my mother knows everything."  When things do not make sense to me I choose to calm myself by putting my hope in my ever so brilliant, and all knowing Jehovah -- now and forever.  ~  Tink

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