Vain Labor & A Heritage From The Lord

My Psalm 127
Tink, if you decide to fire those make-shift sub-contractors of yours who only play with sticks; 
I am ready and able to build your custom dream life, with zero percent interest and no money down.

Don't even consider hiring ADT for security...
they nap while I guard anyway, you will be wasting your money.

Remember that burning the candle at both ends robs you of the rest that I enjoy seeing you live in --
because I love you so greatly.

Your children are your best gift, 
you can count on the legacy I am building through them.
They are arrows for My Kingdom, 
even if all you sometimes see is plastic toy suction darts.

You are all five blessed and empowered to broom spiritual aggression 
off the front porch of your lives.

Enjoy this song  praising the Master Builder himself!

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Cindy said...

You're so good at those psalm re-writes! :)
Link worked fine. You figured it out.