I Found A Treasure

In late 1987, shortly after my second child was born, a neighbor introduced me to quilting. Judy Taylor was her name, she was a great inspiration. I had fabric left over from the first child's nursery stash. I had made bumper pads and dust ruffle for his crib along with window valances.
The pattern I used for this quilt was given to me by Judy...I think she designed it on graph paper if memory serves me correctly. This sweet quilt top sat for many, many, months as a top. Making a quilt top is one thing but quilting it is quite another!!! Neighbor Judy, who I have long lost contact with, nagged me about quilting it. Her method is not one I use today, but I did rise to the task eventually.
Much later in 1998 when I caught the quilt making bug officially I had forgotten about this little "first time" project. I had gotten rid of it, probably at some garage sale or Goodwill donation purge, and did not recall ever snapping a photo of it.
A few months ago my bff and I decided to try to round up all the photos we had of our completed quilts and tops. I dug through scads of our photo albums and look what I found.

It is baby number 3, Peanut, laying on the quilt in December of 1991...I loved that Gap romper!
The quilt she is lying on is the very first quilt I ever made.
Oh My Goodness....can you say horrible machine quilting????? I think the entire quilt is un-square...not that un-square is a real word.

Not sure what the deal is with no binding...I think it was just turn the selvages and hope for the best with the top meets bottom....egads.


The good news is, I have made progress ey?


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh....I am giggling....puffy batting too! So so so glad you found the pictures.
And yes, you have made progress by leaps and bounds. Since I've never seen anything but beautiful work from you, the pics surprise me....which is why I'm giggly.

Cindy said...

ps...thank you Miss Judy...where ever you are...for introducing a young woman to quilting!

Julie said...

You have definitely made progress, but what fun you have the picture! Funny, I used that same pink in my first quilt in late 1987! I do still have that quilt, faded, and all.