My New Friend Etsy

Etsy Boundaround is such a sweety!!!
She is full of beautiful, function and sooooo much fun to shop with! I decided we should become fast friends. Our new friendship, though in it's early stages, promises to be an adventure for sure!

Right now all of my full aprons in stock are lined, the way I prefer my aprons in my kitchen. This is not a feature I am certain I will keep as it requires a higher price point than I have placed them...the goal is to make a profit right?

Below are a few pics of what you will find if you and
Etsy Boundaround hang out together.

If you are in the shopping mood-- Etsy
and your favorite beverage are a perfect fit.


Cindy said...

I like how you cropped pics for close ups.
I hope you and your new friend have a long and fruitful relationship. :)

Jenny said...

I checked out your etsy shop the other day, so cool. I love etsy. I have an account but not a shop...maybe someday, when I'm not giving all my creations away as gifts.
Love the aprons!