Dazzling Day

We (Ya Ya's) are weird and wacky, this is a fact unsurprising to most. We are also quite intelligent...true statement! We enjoy reading the same book once in a while, the process gets our language skills stretched as we discuss the plot, writing style, and character development of our chosen book. I think at least one of us has a list someplace of all the titles we have read together of the last ten years. I am not that someone...I have list phobia issues, they get lost soon after I make them.
Our most recent group read was all the rage last summer with the teen population. Since 3 of the 4 Ya's are Vampire fans, and we enjoy acting younger than we are, we decided to take the literary challenge of "Twilight" on!
And since we read the book together...only the first book together, those who wanted to continue could do so on their own as I (Miss Tink snotty pants who hates vampire stories thanks to Dark Shadows when I was in Kindergarten) was not interested in reading the entire series...we decided to watch the movie together as well.
This event called for LOADS of junk food!

Random I know, but I have decided that baseball in heaven will be like the Twilight baseball game scene, minus the bad guys busting up the game. Speed of lightning hitting that connects at every pitch thrown, as well as flight from base to base...I can not wait!!!

Movie over---now it is time for my knitting project---an adorable baby hat.
On the left, my brilliant tutor Ya Ya Melissa, on the right, my encouraging cheerleader.
Note: Encouraging cheerleader was our post movie guest of the day, Faith. Faith is soon to be a Petite Ya Ya by marriage. She and Cindy's son Daniel will tie the knot this summer. Maybe by the time they have their first child I will have this whole knitting a baby hat thing down to a science. It is very intimidating to be sandwiched between two prolific knitting geniuses'.
All in all it was a dazzling day!

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Cindy said...

I think I saw a fifth book in the series....ack....ask Shannon if its true. I don't want to read another one but will have to so I can say I did. Please, say it isn't so!