Peeps and M&M's Gone Ya Ya!

Yesterday was another memorable Ya Ya Day for me. Not only did I get my traditional yak-yakaty-yaking in, taste delectable savory meal pleasures, inhale inspiration beyond what my brain is able to process (thats artist lingo for my homeys are way talented), lovely laugher, pizza dough undeservingly thrown at me, as well as a group shopping excursion for our jewelry group creation; I also got to view the 912 Project inception broadcast with them while we partook of Peeps with Peanut M&M’s!!!!

Thus far in my blogging career I have not been able to muster the blog out of me that would rightly introduce you to my love of Christ or to my love of Country. Today I shall take a stab at the latter.

Had I been born a male I am fairly sure I would have enlisted in a branch of our military. I know, I know, sounds like a cop out excuse for a woman in this day and age---come on Tink---women enlist these days girl!...wake up and smell the womens movement! But this woman was born with another “armed forces” passion called Motherhood. I wanted to be a mother more than an enlisted countrywoman. My logic deduces that had I been a man, I would not have wanted to be a mother; therefore I would have been an enlisted serviceman. My point being simply: I have always loved my country and appreciate being blessed to live here.

Things that I love I dedicate myself to preserving. Thus-- a love of politics was born. I do not recall when it occurred, the birth sort of snuck in sometime late in my high school career.

It is a difficult passion to have in the face of a government that has grown well beyond the bounds of our Constitutional forging Fore-Father's intensions. The largeness of it all has tempted me many times to just give up, go with the flow, let it slide, taker easy; but the William Wallace inside me will just not give in!

My favorite movie of all time is Braveheart. A little over a year ago I was introduced to a modern day Braveheart named.... Mr. Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck’s passions, and love for our country, have introduced a new project called the 912 Project. Last night on his television show he introduced it with a “We Surround Them” theme, meaning that those of us who believe in at least eight of these guiding ten principles far out number those in our country who do not. We Surround Them means that our voices can be heard and our efforts can make a difference for the coming generations in line to inherit our land. We need not give up or give in!!

In honor of our common passions for country and our fellow man...
Glenn, I snapped a photo of us together during last night's broadcast.

Cheers to those of us who surround them, may we never give up and never give in to fighting for what is worth fighting for!!


Vonnie said...

Loved your post my Patriot friend.You are so good at speaking your heart. I for one am glad you chose diapers over foxholes.Oh and you did so deserve the dough throwing. I am -not- that nice.

Jenny said...

oh my. Your post was so eloquent. And passionate. And amazingly enough, although I'm not real in to polotics, I agreed 100% with those principles.
Thanks for sharing. Love ya