Crisis Recollection

Do any of you remember Y2k? If so, do you recall what it is you were doing the eve of that dreaded, expected dooms day night?
With the current "crisis" news being all the buzz (no comparison being made here...so don't get your panties in a twist) I have been reminded (that's all I am saying..just reminded. No comparisons are being made.) of the the warnings back in 1999 to stock pile food supply so when the grocery delivery system was jammed, due to the computer dating glitch mess, we would have food for our tables. Or, better yet, plant a garden. It was the perfect year to start a plot to produce some veg for your family--was the recommendation from the "be prepared" camp.

As nature would have it I did not grow a garden for back-up food support....here in the NW we had a wet and cold summer. The seeds I did sow had "lack of sprouting and growing a root base sickness". Now--now, I know I could always have been stocking up via purchased canned goods and gallon sized water jugs, not to mention beans and rice in 50lb bags. But some how I kept forgetting to make my back-up supply list, nor did I set aside storage space in the garage...those crazy kids bikes, big wheels, skate boards, roller blades, hockey sticks, and rock collections etc were run-a-muck in our garage. It was my back-up play room for crying out loud.
Truth be told, I am not a very good specimen of "just in case" living.
I always think I will get to that plan...some day.
I did however manage to plan and execute a Y2K New Years Eve Party, surprising isn't it? Invitation list: Ya Yas and their families. I have zero recollection of what food we enjoyed together but I remember playing games and stuffing a time capsule. I thought of opening it and sharing photos of it in this blog but decided I will save that for the anniversary blog in nine months.
There is one item I will share tonight that I just had to put into the capsule. These photos display the creativity we had playing a little game of, What Would You Use This Item For?
The item is a fat quarter of fabric that somehow early in the year got nick-named a derogatory name denoting that is should NEVER be used for anything pretty for any reason. I liked the fabric myself. I took so much flack that year for having it in my fabric stash I promoted it to the honorable job of time capsule life where it would be forever recognized as:
The 1999 Fabric of the Year!
Let me introduce you to "Doggie Fabric" ala multi-purpose--

What a creative bunch we were!
Hoping you are creative and finding laughable moments during our country's "crisis"!
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Cindy said...

I love us. We are such a goofy bunch. Thanks for the picture memory. I'm gonna have to print that one out for my yaya journal.
We will always have plenty of nettles and dandelions for eating in the rough times....don't despair! ;)

Vonnie said...

Oh my Goodness, I love this post. Thank you for the memory. Doggie Fabric forever!

Anonymous said...

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