ParaPro Passed

I have exciting news! The Federal Government finds me intelligent enough to be a Paraprofessional in the public schools. Considering I have home schooled one child K-11 and two children K-12... I should hope so.

Yesterday I passed the ParaPro Assessment test . I finished in under two hours (they allow 2.5) with only choosing to brush up on the definitions of mean, median and mode before hand. I fully intended on reviewing Peanut's algebra book but when I opened it to study I could not decide what they may choose to test me on. So....I watched some DVR shows instead.
I honestly felt comfortable enough in my knowledge base to be able to pass general multiple choice questions on reading comprehension, math and english skills.

Finding myself not nervous about taking a test got me thinking about my public school testing experiences. I tried to recall ever being nervous about test taking days. I could not remember one single time I was stressed about them.

I have always enjoyed learning...well, except for the busy work and the redundancy of being taught the same material year after year in subjects like science and history. Maybe that is why I preferred math. With math there is progression...once I acquired a skill level I got to move on. I remember being one of very few 7th grade students who were allowed into the Algebra-I class with the 8th and 9th graders. Oh man did I ever feel cool!

Progressing onto something new is exactly what this ParaPro Assessment passing grade affords me. I am certain I will have opinions about content and tactics along this new journey with the public school system, but there is one thing I know I will very much enjoy. I will enjoy cheer leading and facilitating student's education progression....after all I have spent 20 years doing that very thing--haven't I?


Cindy said...

Can't wait till you get your first call into work. I know there will be some fun stories to tell! :)

Katney said...

You have done exactly that, and good at it I know. Congratulations Smarty Pants (You labeled it yourself you know.)

Julie said...

Congratulations! I knew you could do it! I love working with the kids, can't stand school district policies sometimes!

Faith said...

I'm glad one of us is shhhoooooo shmart! Congrats, Rhonda Roo! I knew you could do it.