"Rigorous" Test Tomorrow

Looking for work has me quite distracted. I guess I am, as Cindy says, "an all or nothing kind of girl'. Everywhere I go I think " Would I enjoy working here." When I pass people while walking the dog I have to refrain from saying, "Hi, know of any good jobs available a hip and happy chick could apply for?" When asleep I dream about job interviews and while awake I roll stupid sentences through my head that may sound more professional than "Oh my gosh, you would so love working with me!"

Tomorrow I am going to PAY $45.00 to take a Praxis test required by the school district for all job applications filed. I called to schedule an appointment for this test yesterday. However the very kind woman I spoke with recommended that I come in and check out the practice test book or perhaps I would prefer to purchase one for $25.00. I thought, "hmmm what on earth could they test me on that I don't already know?" Does that sound cocky?

I told her I was thinking I could handle a general test of skills in English, Math and Logic without a study guide but if she thought the math portion had higher level math then I better reconsider.

To which she responded "Many people have trouble with fractions and some of the new terms they use in math."

"New terms, what new terms would these be?"

Since we had determined earlier in our conversation that we were about the same age she replied "Do you remember learning improper fractions?"

"Yes, I sure do."

"Well they now call them 'top heavy fractions'."

I literally laughed out loud "You have got to be kidding me?" While thinking to myself "snap" to all the folks over the years who voiced "concern" for homeschooling academics.

At any rate, this lovely NKSD employee was helpful and kind enough to give me a heads up to a few other "new" math terms, before setting my appointment time.

Tomorrow I will report back to you weather or not I passed said Praxis test or not. If I fail you can be sure my ego will be dented if not crushed. If I pass I may have to share some of the "rigorous" questions with everyone so we can discuss the rigor of them.

Signing off now to go brush up on mean, median, and mode, since apparently the term "average" was bounced from the math lingo list along with improper fraction.....oy vey.


Cindy said...

You never know when you'll need to reduce a fraction while helping a first grader color or while driving a school bus or cooking lunch...ok, maybe lunch!

Julie said...

Good luck on the job search, not fun! I have no clue if you take the same praxis test I had to, but I survived it without studying! I have one student who just couldn't get "regrouping" until I showed her how I learned it as carrying and borrowing! LOL

countrymouse said...

When I started applying and interviewing I was one hot tranny mess! I was so nervous during my interviews, my face and palms were sweaty, I hyperventilated, it was hard to think out the answers to questions without panicking . . .

One of the questions was, "Describe a situation where you made a mistake and learned something from it."

My answer? "My daughter was engaged to a jerk and I tried to tell her what to do but I learned that I can't control everything." I can't believe I said that . . . I can't believe they hired me!!!

Best of luck to ya, sister!