Write On!

Sunday I was asked by a non-blogging girlfriend why I started blogging. I have been pondering the question, here are some reasons I came up with.

It is a room in my world that only I can mess up
It is creative...life without creativity is not life to me
It is therapeutic...yes I need therapy
It is challenging...hurray for brain power
It is free...except for my time
It is relational...duh Tink loves relationship
It can be done any time of the day or night...as long as there is power
It is similar to journaling...of which I have always been a fan
It is similar to a photo album...I love photo albums
And lastly I think the word blogger is just plain cool

I had actually read very few blogs before joining the blog community, I just dove in for the benefits that producing a blog would have on my life. It has taken me 6 months to actually allow myself the additional pleasure of reading blogs written by folks that I do not know. I tell myself it is just like magazine reading which is a luxury in my book, analysing that is another blog for sure.

Today I found myself here and here with Donna Mills Diva. I whole heartedly rally beside her in her "Write On! Respect the Blog" campaign.
You go Miss Donna whom I have never met, but now have a bit of relationship with.


Katney said...

Well stated, Tink!

Cindy said...

I am so glad you are blogging. Even with chatting nearly daily for these many years, I am learning things about ya via your blog! How cool is that?

Y said...

Never thought of most of those reasons.I do love the magazine reference, it's cyber-eye-candy!